Friday, 1 July 2011

Number 3: The heartfelt one.

My last post was quite comical, if I do say so myself (as far as I know, nobody else reads this yet... If you do, make yourself known!) but I'm taking it down slightly. For me, night time is when I write my best. I suppose it's because my mind has been on full speed all day, and when it gets late, I have time to sit and collect my thoughts.

Tonight, I was thinking about music I'd heard this week. Yesterday, Fearne Cotton played the most beautiful song on her morning show on Radio 1. It's called Video Games and it's by Lana Del Ray. Honestly, it's one of the best things I've heard in years. The melody, the lyrics, it's completely perfect. Anyway, it inspired me (quite heavily, I wrote my own lyrics to fit its structure!) So I wrote this...

My heart is buried in you
Wait for it to fall through
It's deep inside your chest

Eyes are shining brightly
Holding hands so tightly
Baby, you're the best

Wipe away your tears, doll
Let me into your soul
I wanna be your girl

Call me all the pretty names
Never play the chasing games
Lets watch our love unfurl.

I wish I could explain, I really do
How much love I feel for you,
I try to all the time,
Life wouldn't be the same without you
I guess we always knew.